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octubre 20 to noviembre 01, 2021 – 4 a.m. - 4 a.m. -

LCI Barcelona: over 90 years teaching Fashion

Welcome to the most international school of design and visual arts in Barcelona!

Fashion Design LCI Barcelona
octubre 20 to noviembre 01, 2021 – 4 a.m. - 4 a.m. -

 Who are we? 

The Fashion School of LCI Barcelona is the most ancient and renowned one in Spain. It was founded in 1928 by Felicidad Duce, a self-made visionary and entrepreneur with very contemporary values and way of life. She consolidated an innovative educational project based on a unique pattern making system with its own technical books. The Feli Method is constantly updated by the pattern makers who teach at the School.

 A new era with LCI Education 

By joining the prestigious LCI Education network in 2013 and adding three new areas (Graphic, Interior and Product Design), our educational quality crossed borders but always keeping the student at the center of all we do.

Now, in 2021, we are the most international school of design and visual arts in Barcelona and we promote values that include: interdisciplinarity thanks to synergies between areas, innovation through the learning by doing method, sustainability and commitment to the environment and the society.

 Three projects that define our values 


Four students developed sustainable collections from the recycling of marine plastic waste.

Val Venosta

We celebrated Fruit Seller's Day 2021 with different sustainable fashion made from apples.

Design for inclusion

This collaborative project was born with the aim of fighting the aftereffects of stroke through design and fashion.

 Our last three fashion shows 

"Inner Worlds"

The best projects of our most recent graduates will be seen at the next 080 Barcelona Fashion.

"The future is a blank canvas"

Our first virtual fashion show was filmed on campus and also presented at the Catalan fashion week.

"Memories of the Future"

We celebrated our last on-site fashion show at the emblematic Design Museum of Barcelona.

 Projects with #MadeInLCI talent 

Here you will find a compilation of styling projects made by students from different programs of our Fashion area. They have been published in international media:


"Morning Dance"

"Looking Glass House"


"Un Amour Entaché"

"Back at Your Door Again"

"If Only"

"Foile à Deux"

"The New Gold"

 Promoting the fashion film sector in our city 

We sponsor the LCI Barcelona Fashion Film Festival, the official fashion film contest in the Catalan capital and the first in the world to also recognize new talent. Here you can see three projects carried out by students and alumni of our School that were awarded in previous editions:

"Hippocampus - the project /"

Award for Best Emerging Art Direction


Award for Best Emerging Styling

"Love Letters"

Audience Award

 What do we offer? 

Our educational offer in the Fashion area includes, among other programs, a four-year bachelor's degree and a wide range of masters and postgraduates in different fields such as design, management, marketing, styling, coolhunting, illustration, etc. All of them are closely linked to the business world and taught by professors which are active professionals within their respective sectors.

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